Join Us, For "The Total Solar Eclipse Gathering"

There is nothing like the spectacular phenomena of a Total Solar Eclipse. One part beautiful, one part mystical, and one part mathematical, a Total Solar Eclipse is an experience that inspires the mind, body, and spirit and demonstrates the elegant nature of our cosmos.


With 13 collaborating events, the Global Eclipse Gathering at Big Summit Prairie will be an entity onto itself, a creative vortex the likes of which we can only imagine. Performances around every turn! A horizon transformed with otherworldly environments! Paradigm shifting presenters, conversations and curiosities to leave the mind expanded, and the spirit ignited.   

Over a 7 day stretch, we will create a home together in the wilderness, riding a wave of anticipation as we ascend towards the total solar eclipse. All stages will silence, and thousands of eyes will become one as we observe the cosmos arriving in perfect alignment.

Most people in attendance will travel a great distance and make a great commitment to share in this experience. If traveling light, be sure to check out our Grab & Go Tents featuring the artwork "infinite tapestry" by Mars-1.


With seven stages of non-stop music, Elemental Alchemy, and more live art then one's eyes could ever imagine, this will definitely be a highlight of 2017!





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